Labor Studies

This page lists the readings for the class.

Week 1: Syllabus and Thompson on Class Formation

Monday and Wednesday: Syllabus and paper assignment and topics

Friday: Thompson – Preface and Xu Lizhi – Poetry of a Foxconn Worker

Week 2: Origins of Liberal Capitalism

Monday and Wednesday: Slavery and Rise of Atlantic Capitalism

Friday: Locke – Two Treaties II – 25-39 and  Beaud – History of Capitalism – Ch 1

choosing a paper topic and questions

Week 3: Slavery, Labor and Race

Monday and Wednesday: The Morgan Thesis

Friday: Morgan – American Slavery – Ch 16

Week 4: Gender and Industrialization

Monday and Wednesday: Artisans in Waged workers

Friday: Boyston – Daily Bread and Reagan – Band of Sisters

Week 5: Critiques of the Liberal Order


Wednesday: Communes and Revolts – Paris Commune Readings

Friday: Kropotkin_-_Conquest_of_Bread_-_Sec_1_and_3

Week 6: Violence and Crisis

Monday and Wednesday: Adamic – Dynamite – Selections

Friday: the IWW: Dubofsky – IWW – Ch 7 and Dubofsky – IWW – Ch 8

Week 7: New Deal from the Bottom Up

Monday and Wednesday: Boyer & Morais – Labory’s Untold Story – Ch 10 Victory

Friday: Taylor – Seattle’s Central District – Ch 2

Week 8: Gender, Race and Radicalism

Monday and Wednesday: Federici – Wages for Housework – Ch 1 and 2

Friday:Georgakas and Surkin – Detroit I Do Mind Dying – Ch 5

Week 9: Business as Unionism

Monday and Wednesday: Rachleff – Hard-Pressed in the Heartland – Selections


Week 10: Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks

Monday and Wednesday: Course Recap and Evaluations and – Abolish Restaurants

Friday: Lynd & Gross – Solidarity Unionism at Starbucks


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